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How to copy portal records across from related table?

Question asked by FM_DM on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by bigtom

Okay so I am responsible for setting up a remote filemaker go solution for my company . In order to sync job information across from the engineers tablets while saving the amount of time and information that needs to be sent each eningeer will have a local copy of the their table on the tablet and then information is synced when required to a sync table which is hosted and connected to by staff through a separate database.


I have the following database set ups (Purple for tables connected to this issue in jobs)

Jobs Table



Sync Table

Sync Table.PNG




The issue I am having is that the parts table is sorted in the Sync database. This information is filled in the snyc folder into a portal table .

My issue is to add to the following script steps which will copy the count and fob code over to the jobs database to a portal there which is set per job. IE if the job on the engineer side has 2 x audio handsets and 2 x A95 latch used this creates 2 portal records in the engineers table which is copied across to the sync table (I have not done the engineer side of the side only the job side for now ) this information then needs to be copied from the portal in the sync table to another portal in the jobs database which is connected per job number. 




Basically I would like to have a global parts list shared between both hosted and non hosted users - I want the engineers to list parts used and this to be synced per job.

Am I entirely going the wrong way about this? If so what can I do to reduce this?