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"Database Not Available" in Web Direct when Use SSL for Database Connection checked

Question asked by jkrier on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by shblackwell

I'm trying use FM16 Web Direct and get dialog "Error: database not available" when accessing a single file and  "Use SSL for database connection" is checked in Database Server-Security tab of Admin Console.

Web Direct Launch page shows no files.

When it is unchecked, everything works fine - green lock, sign in to open "file" is displayed.


We get the orange security lock when accessing FMServer files from FileMaker Pro with "Use SSL..." unchecked which is expected since files aren't encrypted.


SSL Certificate Info:

Our SSL wildcard certificate is valid and is COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA.

While not an approved FM Certificate, it is the wildcard certificate our company uses.

We don't have an intermediate certificate and our IT Team doesn't want to re-key the wildcard certificate to get one so I'm stuck without it for now. IT team is OK with not having SSL database connections since everything is internal except webdirect.


Environment - Windows Server 2012 R2- Two machine web direct configuration. Worker outside the firewall in the DMZ.


Looking for answers to the following questions:

1. Is "database not available" error due to the "Use SSL for Database Connectivity" checked without "approved" fm certificate and\or intermediate certificate?

2. Is Intermediate Certificate required for using SSL for database connectivity or is there a workaround?  Seems like posts say it is but FMServer doesn't require it when certificate is imported and cant find FM documentation on this.

2. If I get new certificates specifically for FMServer and Worker machines that are on the FM approved certificate list will this issue be resolved? I think this is what needs to be done...


Any help is appreciated. I need to have info before I ask IT for new certificates.