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Making Portal Summary Totals. Problem!

Question asked by AitchB on May 8, 2018
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I have a (beginner's) problem getting a summary total to work and I've tried most things but now I need a bit of guidance as I must have missed something.


2 Screenshots of the portal are below.


I have 2 Portals on a layout, Booking (table: Booking).  It gets all the booking transaction details from my table: Journal.

Portal 1 lists all the related records (for that booking)

Portal 2 lists selected related records (for that booking)


The 2 tables are related by booking::date_of arrival and journal::date_of arrival


On the portal there are among others, 2 Number fields (both: indexed):




On the portal they are sorted in transaction_date order.

The filter selects the fields require with:

Portal 1 - All related records

Portal 2 - 2 related records


journal::category = "Paiement"


journal::category = "Reçu"



There are no calculations as it's just 2 total fields and then credit-debit.


I created 4 Summary fields:

All are: Summary = Total of amount_credit (running)


For the first portal:



For the second  portal




On each portal there is the extra 1 line portal on the bottom of each, which his home for the total fields.

The sort and filter are the same for each pair.


They show either blank or a number among the list on the portal but are not correct.


I would like to have the last field to calculate the difference in the 2 summary fields but that can wait until this problem is sorted.


Been struggling here for a while.




Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 22.46.31.png



Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 22.46.43.png