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ExecuteSQL, Calculation or relationship

Question asked by Cécile on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by ThierryGuemboura

I'm trying to wrap up this project. Client asked for more granularity in totals. I set up the deposits, adjustments based on rates fields specified directly in the product details. I also specify whether it is recurring (1) and if it is billed by partner (1) straight at each product details. I have my subtotals by product type (category) and by solution aspect (solution). I have my Grand total for all but the billed by partner (taxes included), my grand deposit total (taxes included), my grand total billed by partner.

More summaries requested:

  • In detailed billing I have to show the recurring and the one-off fees from the grand total.
  • I have to produce the infographic below that groups the subtotals of each solution aspect, clockwise from top left (managed hosting - time bank - assets - access to third party tools in their most centric corner.
  • For each solution aspect I need to list the categories represented with their subtotal for that specific solution
  • The solution "access to third party tools" does not need to show categories but the subtotal of recurring fees and subtotal of one-off fees.

At this point I am wondering how to get these numbers and lists. I suspect I can do it with calculated field but I also intuit that it might be a better use of FM to do it by relationship. I started that path but I am not sure what to do from now.

Please see below the hierarchy, the quote grand totals box, the infographic schema, and the graph where the coloured TO are my timid attempt to overcome handicap caused by my relationships "confuseness"...











I think I would make the layout a report, to sort by, but just use the body with merge fields...