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Email Notifications with Record Info

Question asked by mrtinvan on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by Jason Wood

Preface with the technical info:

FM Server 15

Office 365 for Email Provider.


I'd like to send email notifications to users when a Project Status (Which is a field in the DB) gets set to a Status that is part of a specific users workflow ie: when a project gets to "ready for invoicing" a email would be sent to our accounting person.


I know i can put a script trigger on the Popup Box assigned to Project Status, and If I set it to OnObjectSave, I can have it run an email script.


The script that I have is:



     Set Field [Project:Project Status ; "Ready for Invoicing"]

     Send Email via SMTP



End If


Can I continue this script with Else steps to look at all the different values for Project Status?


Also - In my email setup, I want to reference some of the record information, but the calculation doesn't like having a bunch of plain text in it. I tried the following:



"Project Number"Project::Project Number","Project::Project Name"Has changed status to:"Project::Project Status

"Please check the project for your tasks"


But it won't accept the calculation...