Using Amazon's SubmitFeed API to Update Inventory

Discussion created by solusequitem on May 9, 2018

I am one of two developers at my company, and we are working to integrate my our FileMaker database with Amazon's APIs. We have every API working that we need other than the SubmitFeed API, parameter _POST_INVENTORY_AVAILABILITY_DATA_. The documentation around using the cURL commands to MD5 encrypt/submit the XML file of inventory updates is...spotty  


I have all the parameters correctly being passed other than attaching the file and setting the MD5 hash. I confirmed this by checking the submitted cURL command against the test one in the Amazon Scratchpad.


This is how I am setting my MD5 encoding:


Set Variable [$AmazonXMLFile ; Value: MD5 (Amazon Inventory Update::XML Output) ]


Amazon Inventory Update::XML Output is a field that contains the XML inventory updates needed. I run another script that grabs all inventory updates and then formats it into the right XML layout with header and footer. As I understand it, I then need to MD5 encode that field's contents, then pass the encoding AND the raw file as part of the SubmitFeed command.


I just can't quite figure out how to accomplish that. 


Can anybody point me in the right direction? I am fairly new to FileMaker, I just started using it in March. So I could be missing something very obvious