Convert Portal Filter to ExecuteSQL Calculation Field to use it later for on a google API

Discussion created by user2147247 on May 9, 2018
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       I'm pretty blank when it comes to ExecuteSQL. I have a portal on my solution that has the following filter:-


(ClientsRecords 101::BKT   ≥  7) and (Payments::Loan Type = "Auto Loan") and ((GetAsDate ( Payments::Payment Date )  ≥   Personnel Records::From Date) and (GetAsDate ( Payments::Payment Date )  ≤   Personnel Records::To Date))


The portal is from a table called "Payment" and the field in the only field in the portal is called "Percent Auto Write Off"

It works perfectly perfectly as a portal. I've setup the portal as a single line portal and the value that comes up is exactly what I want. Now, I need to use that value to graph it using a google API. RPM chart to be specific. I've read so much everywhere and apparently the only way you can graph filtered portal values is through an ExecuteSQL calculation field. Correct me if I'm wrong please. Can anyone help me please convert that filter to an ExecuteSQL command that I can use in a calculation field that I can later use for the chart? Thanks a lot in advance