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layouts management for N usergroups

Question asked by badmonkey842 on May 9, 2018

I was wondering if anyone has feedback on how to best handle layouts based on different tiered usergroups.  The goal is to simplify the management of the UI based on personnel groups, and reduce "clutter" for when I hand over the solution I am working on. 


background: Department Solution;  multiple tiered groups  users where all require a different perspective/context and workflow using the data generated by the "labor" group (the initial point for data entry). Then there is a "data admin" group that is responsible for QA/QC the data , but does not need to see or access the "labor" group's workflow layout logic.  (... insert n  # of additional groups .....) finally there is a manager group who will mainly need to review, approve, & report.   this group does not need to see the the labor or the QC workflow.


my initial thought would be to create   separated UI files for each group, but I would have to "copy" the schema  multiple times for  n groups and if the schema needs to be changed/updated  it would result in multiple edits.


So i am thinking of just adding all the layouts to the main "labor" UI, but I fear the amount of layouts will be overwhelming with respect to the schema and may pose problems for the people who will go behind me (I am to turn this project over to IT).



Any advice on how to organize  and maintain a disproportionate amount of layouts relative to the tables/schema?


thanks in advance