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Totals by month by department

Question asked by techt on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by greatgrey

Please help.


There are multiple departments, and they work on various projects. Individuals record time spent on a project each month. Since we know their department, and the hours spent on each project, we have reports that show the total hours by department for each project.


And then this wrinkle - in a single report, present totals by each month, by project, by department. So I created a calculation field for each month basically to sum the value if the month = Jan, and so on. Makes sense to me, but it’s not working.


I did some looking around and didn't find way to solve this. The structure is just two tables, one records the user and calculates total time for the month, and the other table records the individual days and hours spent on each project.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.