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Location Value without Altitude

Question asked by peteraddison on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by user19752

I'm trying to use the location value and create a button to look this up on the map. I've got it all working except for one thing: Against the posted functionality, the command "Location" is adding the altitude to the values. I use a "Get URL" to pass the information to Google Maps, but the altitude value in there confuses it.


How do I make the "Location" function work as published: Location


(ie: without the altitude value)


The value I get is something like: +39.039668, -122.374849, +65.000000


and using that as a search is fine without the +65.00000 part. I thought of some kind of trim command, but this seems a) pointless because it's not working as published and b) difficult because the number of characters varies.


Here's how it works, using FilemakerGo


push a button, the "location" function enters the value into a field called Payroll Times::LocationIn

another button uses "Open URL" with this address:

"" & "q="


  Payroll Times::LocationIn


It would take me directly to the location on the map IF I could get rid of the altitude. for now I just delete it from the google Maps search and it works, but it's rather irritating