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How To Save a Partial Copy of a Solution

Question asked by velaramon on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by Malcolm

Is it possible to save a copy of a solution containing only one of its records and its related records, for the purpose of using the copy (but not altering it) on Filemaker Go.


Here is the situation I have mind.  Suppose the solution tracks projects.  Each project is associated with a bunch of data and documents.  However, when the solution is to be used on IOS, it is only for accessing the data related to a single project and without making changes to it.  So transferring the entire solution to IOS as a self-contained copy would be inefficient and may become impossible if the solution grows too large.  It would be better to just transfer a copy with the one record one is interested in at any particular time.


I hope the question makes sense.  Any help appreciated.