How to write OR statement

Discussion created by wvvuong on May 9, 2018
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I am trying to print certificate but the criteria has to be that the student is satifactory or graduated, only these two criterias.


I am stuck, here is what I have so far. This is a script that was pre written, and I am just taking it over. So it looks like that it will stop the script from printing if the EOS Status word is something other than Satisfactory, So I need to somehow write it says Satisfactory or Graduated.


If [app_ASM::EOSStatusWord ≠"Satisfactory"]

Show Custom Dialog [Can print only if student EOS Status is Satisfactory or Graduated"]

Go to Layout [original layout]

Enter Browse Mode []

Show/Hide Status Area [Show]

Exit script []

End If



So far is the EOS Status word is Satisfactory, it will print, but I don't know how have it so that it can be satisfactory or graduated.

Thank you in Advance


nevermind I figured it out!

I added

Else If [app_ASM::EOSStatusWord ≠"Graduated"]

and it worked!

But feel free to offer other suggestions so I can continue to learn!