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Allowing people to register to join a 'file' accessible through Go ...

Question asked by happyez on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by Jason Wood

Hi all - sorry if that heading doesn't make much sense ...


I am a massage therapist, and I am going to be massaging at industry estates and within companies.


I want to create an 'app' that allows a user to join up and book a consultation time. Each business or estate will have days in which I turn up and massage. They will also be able to pay online (well, I think a link to my Woocommerce page will suffice...). This is not a public app to work in the App store. Only for those who want to sign up can take part, so in a way they are my 'team' - customers who are accepted, and not any old public sign up from anyone.


At the moment, I have a file which is hosted with access on the web through WebDirect. But that's only so good. I want to be able to have them download an 'app', and do it that way.


I am OK at the moment with saying "download Filemaker Go. Once there, click into Hosts, then create your user/pass. Then you can go straight through to a page and book your time. If you need to revisit, just use your user/pass and you'll get in".


I need them to have to only do each signin once. With my current file, I login to the host, then I login into the file. I want to avoid that.

Also, that is just that page. I am using the same file to allow other therapists to join up, other types of clients to do their own logging in to a similar massage service I have and take care of their admin that way. So, a layout/script/setup for different people.


So my two questions are:

1) how can I get people who are downloading Go, to then be able to create user/pass and access a specific layout? (possibly, have every user go to ONE specific page where there are a series of buttons



[I AM A X]

[I AM A Y]


Then the script for that button will do the rest....


2) In order to access the Host of my file, they will need one set of general login details (mine). Then they can create their own (as per question 1). That is double-dipping, and will turn off users, and I want to avoid this. How can I?


If I can do 2), then I am going ahead and setting things up. If not, then not sure if going through Go is a good idea.


Thanks for any help anyone has ...