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Error handling in server side scripting

Question asked by on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by bigtom

I took on a job to support a legacy system  system that uses a lot of files and tables and is running some shedules on the server, as well as web services and some user initiated server side scripts.


They are running FMS 16.0.3 and FMP 16.0.4.

The server is running on a dedicated VM unit.


I seem to have managed to get rid of most "fatal" problems associated with the server sided scripts and schedules but do have a few questions on the issues that remain.



Is there any way to completely suppress the script related error messages displayed in the servers log?

I have managed to suppress some of the more "serious" codes by following the advice found on the web but some still pop up.




It does occcasionally happen that all shedules just keep running and never exit. I fix this by restarting fmse but would really like to get rid of this issue completely. One of the suspected culprits for this is the management software used, by the service provider, to access the VM.


Do you have any advice for me on how to debug this situation?

Some info on the web perhaps, I could read?




The system contains a bunch of files, where each file contains a bunch of tables. These files and tables then interact with each other as things go. The user opens one file which then seems to open other files depending on relations and external datasourcces defined. Some of these files are using the same name and password while others are using different passwords.


Which again results in a lot of authentication errors.


Do you have any advice on how to get rid of these authentication errors as the databases are opening each other?



What does this mean:

"denied access because the license key is already in use by client ".


There is only one license key in use and the user being referrenced is the user for the console.