Return to calling file after opening a file

Discussion created by woytovich on May 10, 2018
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I am attempting to open a filemaker file (File2) from a script in File1. I am trying to use the method of INSERT a reference to the file into a container then GOTO (select) the container field. This opens the file fine IF that is the last step in the script. if I put anything after the GOTO step File2 does not open.


I want File2 to open and then to return to File1 for further processing.


I have no control over File2 - I cannot put a script there to run etc.


(I also tried OPEN URL but could not so far get it to work)


i am happy to use any reliable method to have a user select another filemaker file (File2), open it and then continue processing in File1.


This seems like it should be easy and it would be if the GOTO method would work with more script steps following.