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FM Go and sleep mode

Question asked by Jean-Francois on May 10, 2018
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FMGo15 (or FMGo16 or FMGo14 years ago) on iPhone

FMS14 on Win2012


I asked that question years ago, still I haven't found a solution.


I have a mobile version of our customer data, I use a search/browser mode that only display one record at the time (found set =1 record only).

When I do a search, I use a different layout that shows a list when results >1


So everything is fine until users switch app or go into sleep mode.


When the user return to the FMGo app, the file tries to reconnect to the server. (No need to re-enter credentials fmreauthenticate20 do its job.)

#1 It's very long to reconnect on wifi LAN network, very very very long over 3G)

#2 when it's done, the layout is the same, but the record show is not the one that was there before, it's some random record. Before going into sleep, it was one record found out of 17,000, after the reconnection, all 17000 records are now in the found set and it will display record #54 or 27... not even close to be related to the one that was there before.


So Question #1: Why is it so long to reconnect (when launching the FM app the 1st time with a webclip and finger print take about 5-8 sec)


Question #2: What happens to my record, why I'm I reopening to another record ? and all records are now the found set ?


Question #3: Is there some kind of "session" involved with FM Go and it changed when going to sleep ?



Is it FMS14 related ? We are switching to FMS16 (or 17) soon, but not for another 6 months.






PS we use FMGo15 as 16 as to many bug with insert picture ios11 HEIC format