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Set Field or Set Variable Not Working Correctly

Question asked by mprythero on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by SteveMartino

I'm a little stressed right now, so if my question needs clarification please feel free to ask.


I'm in the process of transferring over about 6000 records in a conversion process that I thought would fit Filemaker well. The unfortunate part is that at the moment, my script refuses to work, either in the set variable process (which I doubt as I have a few dialog boxes popping up as tests to make sure the variable is set) but possibly in the set field process.


So to lay it out in a basic format, and then I will include my script below, the script starts out by starting with the first record that has no values in all three of specified fields (in another script), then it takes the name and address1 of the current record and checks it against others. If it finds others, they are included in a find group. Then it pulls specific data into variables, $name, $address1, $address2 etc etc. Then it goes to a new layout to create a new record if another variable ($customerID) isn't sent with the other variables and inserts the variables into specific fields depending on the $type, which is a variable set from the original layout as well. Then it basically loops through the remaining records making sure that if there was an address2 or phone or email change, that those are included in the moved fields as well. Then it concludes and returns to the original layout with the $customerID set, puts it into one of those three specific fields I mentioned earlier and moves on to the next record until through with the found set.


Unfortunately though, while the dialog boxes (and you'll see them) pop up with the correct variable information, nothing is set into the fields specified in the script.




If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.