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Looking for a FM Mentor

Question asked by themattdaddy on May 11, 2018
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I am looking for someone to mentor me in my FM solutions creation, not answer each and every little question about FM.


I was hoping that the person willing to do so would have experience working in, or designing solutions for, a manufacturing atmosphere (preferably automotive, as those who are in automotive parts manufacturing would have a better understanding on the vast requirements that we all have to work within for our customers).


What I would require of this person is just to be able to ask the general questions about how to work within that environment successfully while creating a solutions, or solutions, that would increase visibility, communication, while being inclusive and not stepping on other people's departments. Someone that could help navigate the pitfalls or speed bumps that they encountered, and the ones that I do as I create solutions.


If anyone is willing please feel free to contact me. I have put the ask out on LinkedIn as well.