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PHP Security Issues FMS 16

Question asked by paulgrogan on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by hoaiduyentran
  1. I have successfully installed Filemaker Server on a new Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2  for a client and have not activated PHP in the server Admin Console setup.

  2.  ISS is visible on the localhost.

  3.  The client uses a FortiGuard (Fortinet) review of its servers to identify Security vulnerabilities.

  4.  Immediately after FMS installation this is coming up with 8 Vulnerabilities in the PHP application, 4 of them 

       ‘Critical’, and each listing a Security path number available from PHP.


How should I go about fixing this issue? I do not propose to used PHP to access the server. Can I delete the Filemaker PHP files loaded to the server during the install process? If not how do I get the security patches and how do I apply them to the PHP files on the server? Or can I get Filemaker php files without these security issues?