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AppleScript and Outlook message signatures

Question asked by erolst on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by fmp

Not really an FM question per se ...


From an FM solution I'm creating mails in Outlook using HTML text and multiple attachments. Works nicely, except that messages created this way and sent immediately don't get a signature (and yes, there is a signature created and specified for the (only) account).


The Outlook dictionary does not show a signature property for the message class (nor for the inherited outgoing message class), so the obvious


set newMessage to ( make new outgoing message with properties { subject: ... ; signature: "mySignature" ; ... } )


does not work.


If you create the message and add it to the outbox, it shows the signature if you open the message in its own window (though the signature not visible in the preview pane), but it is not included when you actually send it.


Anything I overlooked, before I use GUI scripting as a last resort?