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JSON question in certificate guide

Question asked by ndveitch on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by ThierryGuemboura

Hi there,


Im only now getting into JSON and I was going over the FM16 study guide and I saw the one JSON question they ask is,


Given this JSON data

$$json = {\”Person\”:[{\”Age\”:42, “First\”:\”John\”,\”Last\”:\”Smith\”}, {\”Age\” :39,\”First\”:\”Jane\”,\”Last\”:\”Jones\”}]} 

What is the result of each of these functions?

  1. JSONFormatElements ( $$json )
  2. JSONListValues ( $$json ; “Person” )
  3. JSONGetElement ( $$json ; “Person[1].Last” )


From looking at it, I was able to work out a. and c. because I can see what the format should look like, and I just had to remember that the array starts at 0 and not 1, but b. I was a little unsure of. So I went to the data viewer to see if I could work it out, but the line of code wouldn't execute. It kept saying table missing. I tried to play around with the code but whatever I tried I could not get any result. I even tried some of the JSON parsing FM solutions I have found on the net and none of them could get the result. The Parsing File I found on the Soliant Website kept coming back with 

? * Line 1, Column 2

  Missing '}' or object member name

* Line 1, Column 88

  Extra non-whitespace after JSON value.


What am I doing wrong?