Active Directory Credentials and External Storage Containers

Discussion created by CISDevTeam on May 11, 2018
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Recently I have begun to have recurring issues with External Storage for Containers where my users who specifically view the external containers (PDF's, JPG's and PNG's) are presented with domain login dialogs requesting their Active Directory (AD) credentials.   The majority of the time, my solution works are expected.   The AD dialog only occurs in a minority of instances (maybe several times per day).




Everyone on my solution authenticates to AD when they log on to the Terminal Server or their on-lan desktop.   They are all on latest FileMaker Pro v15 client.   All Single Sign On (SSO).


I had recently converted from using SuperContainer to native external FileMaker storage for all of my PDF's and job site photos.   My auto-pop email importer (thank you CNS Plugins POP3it!) and document management system pulls in between 500 and a thousand PDF's and images each day from various sources (MMS, e-mail, drag-n-drop, locally created PDF's, etc.).  Most are automatically attached to their associated database records.   Some attached by users directly.


Generally, things work quite well.  But... there tends to be a handful of reports that occur throughout the day from my users that spend more time in the document management side of things that they are being queried for their AD credentials (both Mac and PC).   I have it happen to me from time to time as well.  I am the network Admin as well as part of the network's "Administrators" group and KNOW that I absolutely have access to all files and folders on the FileMaker Server box.


I have verified that all clocks are sync'd to the domain controller(s), and that there are not Application Log entries indicating an issue from FileMaker Server (v14). 


As I look through the Windows Security Logs,  I can see where I believe my users have encountered AD cred dialogs, but still not certain why.   I may have to turn on full auditing to be able to tell.


All of the path\filenames are proper and no error noted when my robots or users add the files.    I have even poked around at the permissions in the folders under FMS to no avail.


Then... I even called FileMaker support... who, after reviewing screen caps and descriptions of the issue, decided that I needed to contact a FileMaker Developer ( I call them once in 18 years on this particular solution and well... they don't even try ...SO done with them).


Has anyone seen this and conquered it ?   Any ideas ?


Thanks in advance,


Bob Minteer

Chief Architect

Cooper Installation Services

Dallas, TX