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Add records to related table independant of relationship

Question asked by bobtewilliger on May 11, 2018
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Hi All,


I want to be up front and say I'm not a database dev or even a user really for that matter. So please be gentle with me


The database is intended to be a journal for event planners where they can enter information about events and enter a number of photos of said events, make comments/remarks, enter number of attendees etc.


I have the following database structure:


Journal::pk_Journal = fk_Journal (Indexed, Auto-Serial, Required)

Records are added to Notes via a portal in the Journal layout.


I thought it would be nice to have another layout which allows browsing of event photos by event (free from all the information in the main layout). I created a second table occurrence of Notes; 'Notes 2'. The relationship is:

Notes>---<Notes 2

Notes::pk_Notes x Notes2::pk_Notes (Indexed, Auto-Serial, Required) AND

Notes::fk_Journal = Notes::fk_Journal


I created a layout for Notes 2 and inserted a portal to Notes. If I add two images to notes via the Journal layout, what I get on the Notes layout is 2 records, each with their own portal, which displays the image from both records. What I would like is for both records to be in a single portal in a single record. I guess this requires a whole new table but I'm a little lost on how to set it up. Are 'dummy' tables a thing (to trick FMP into letting me make a layout just to put a portal in)?


I've had a lot of fun scripting actions and making the visual aspects of the database. Looking over it the past few days I'm surprised at how good it looks and the depth of functionality. However relational stuff still gives me a hard time