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Read JSON array into ??

Question asked by pfroelicher on May 12, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by wimdecorte


I am implementing a way to update ZIP numbers via a web query and here is the question that describes the problem

If a user types in the 8 digit brazilian CEP number in a field a insert from url gets triggered that gets back a JSON ARRAY. This works like a charm.

If you have information of CITY and STATE, this site also permits to find all “locations” or Streets within the City and State.


So, if you enter URL/sao paulo/sp/rua pedro

It will give you an array with all Streets (Ruas) that have “Pedro” in their name, probably about 200.

We solved this, by opening a cardwindow, for the clients, loop through JSON Array, fill out new records in a table called temporary_address_chooser, the client clicks on the road he wants, the fields get updated and the window closes and the temporary_address_chooser table gets truncated.

It only bugs me, that I need an extra table.. ..

Is there a way to show the JSON Array WITHOUT this table?