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Open URL for Real Estate Listing using only its MLS#

Question asked by bright_guy on May 13, 2018
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To click or tap a link that opens a Real Estate Listing's web page.



I created a FM Go Solution that helps me and my partners assess real estate Leads. The Leads come to us from various sources, mostly real estate agents. They send us Real Estate Listings with MLS numbers and other data. The data is manually input to the Solution, and the results help us decide what to buy, or at the very least what to investigate further.


Real Estate Listings

Unfortunately, the agents do not include a link to individual Real Estate Listings. Instead they send a link to a site that groups several Listings. For example:


Desired Workflow

Links to Individual Real Estate Listings are desired so that each Lead in the Solution has a button, with a Single Step action that passes the MLS# to the Open URL script step, thus opening the Listing. For example, here’s a link to a property in Hamilton, Ontario:


Notice the encoding doesn’t even include the MLS# X4088030.


Current Workflow

1. Copy Lead MLS# from FM Go Solution.

2. Open Safari on iPad.

3. Open an MLS website. We use

4. Paste MLS# into the search field.




I’d like a button to which a URL can be assigned, something that looks like this:


Notice the link opens the MLS website, but not the Hamilton property page. (I want the Hamilton property page.)


Thank you in advance,