Paste Append:  Can I Paste Lists of Text into Portal Rows?

Discussion created by PeterTeneldas on May 14, 2018
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Hello, everyone. You recently helped me with a movie collection database. I’m working on another project right now. I’m building a music collection database.


(I’ve attached the database to this message. Keep in mind, it’s a rough draft. But the basics are in place, I’m pretty sure.)


However, I do need help with one thing in particular. Instead of typing in an entire artist’s albums one by one, I’d like to paste a list from the clipboard into the portal, and have each separate album pasted into its own portal row.


I’ve done this in Access, using a feature called Paste Append. It works perfectly. However, I cannot figure out if this is possible in Filemaker.


Does Filemaker have a feature similar to Paste Append? If it does, what is it called? If it does not, then is there a way to do this without a script?


If a script is required, then is there public domain script available that I can use, rather than write one myself?  


Below is a sample list that I would like to “paste append” into a record. Obviously, each list is going to be different, so I need to make sure whatever I use will accommodate any list of any size.






Very Relentless





Yes Etc





What’s the best way to go about doing this? Thank you, everyone! PT