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Filemaker sorted relationships can't handle European dates.

Question asked by dsimonsays on May 14, 2018
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Hi. I'm in Vermont working in a foreign system hosted on a Dutch server where we have customers and related transaction data. In order to ensure I'm working with the customer's latest transaction data, I sort by date in the relationship between customers and transactions, but if I sort by the date field, it doesn't work properly. It shows it correctly if I sort a portal on the layout by the date field. In that environment, this feature is deployed correctly, but in relationships, in order to get it to work right, I have to make three calculation fields - year(date), month(date), day(date) and sort by each of these fields (descending) rather than simply sorting by the date field. Then the relationship will show me the latest transaction data instead of picking out something in the middle, confusing month and day, or ignoring it all together because it thinks it's an invalid date. Oh mighty Filemaker, whatever you did to get it to work right in portal sorting, please do the same thing with relationship sorting so I don't have to go through the extra step of breaking down the date into year, month, and day. Thank you.