Second attempt: WHERE THE "=" to a blank field went and why

Discussion created by g.data on May 13, 2018
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Previously, I made two successive attempts to post a thread for discussion.  I direct my comment to the internal engineers at FileMaker Inc. only.  Please local engineers to the United States, ONLY.


One of my discussions went missing.  The other is deficient of the data I wrote.  I cannot find posted and it is a legitimate comment. My report refers to FILEMAKER PRO ADVANCED VERSION 16 only, and on the PC, Windows latest 10.


FileMaker Inc.'s engineers removed the RELATIONAL OPERATOR '=' from being able to search on empty fields.

It was possible up to version 15, Advanced PRO, that the relational operators could be used as they have for the past 20 years in FileMaker Pro Advanced or Developer, as the case might be.  They replaced it with a FUNCTION, whereas

a function was never needed in the past.  That FUNCTION is labeled as a LOGICAL function whereas in any SQL language no such stored procedure or function exists.  The engineers have named it "ISEMPTY".


In the past versions of FileMaker Pro Advanced, a user or developer could set the FIND on a FIELD, equal to nothing, and find all the fields with NO DATA, in their respective cells, return by row.


Additionally, I discovered that the *== does not work as a viable search.


I work in Database technology.  I can see what is happening.  It is wrongful to have altered the '=' in a relational search, as it is a relational operator, because many have created scripts using their FINDs, and saving them as scripts incorporating the '=' sign.


I cannot write a title to this discussion.  And I am deeply offended and very concerned about having to sign a contract with FileMaker Inc. that is composed of one half CHINESE language. It is an outrage.  I am not Chinese nor do I consent to anything written in Chinese.