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Best way to handle "Comment" Fields

Question asked by badmonkey842 on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by coherentkris

I was wondering how people handle  multiple "comments/notes" fields across a workflow ( tables) and then eventually pull them together at the very end.  I have a solution where comments are important to the end results, however each table entity has its own  comment field.  I do not like it & feel like there is a better way.   I am thinking about creating a single "Comment/Notes" Table with a generic fkey field (uuid based keys) and go from there.  FYI: This is a science application, hence the importance of capturing the workflow comments at different layers in order to QA/QC the final results.


A  Real life example would be something along the lines of samples receiving, individual sample received conditions, sample processing, new sample post processing,  sample testing runs, sample test results,  sample analysis, sample report, etc...  as you can see that the number of "comments" would get out of hand and will end up being overlooked.