Learning FM- SQL and a Puzzle

Discussion created by FM-K12 on May 14, 2018
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I am working on learning SQL (generally) and FileMaker's implementation of SQL.  So I have this little project that I am working on as a learning activity and have hit a dead-end.


The base table is a FileMaker table that is named "HCOURSES" and it contains one record for every class that a student takes and reports grade type information etc.  The “CLASS” field is a unique number that identified a “section” of a class.  In this case, grade 10 IB English, section number 1.  “M1” is the student’s letter grade in that class at the end of the first quarter.

base table.png


What I would like to learn to do, using the Execute SQL function is to get here where I can see aggregated data like this for each section of this class.  The image below is a mock-up, not an actual result.




For more information, see the attached Word document that shows my attempts at this and the results of each attempt.


So, the questions are:

Is this even possible using FM SQL?

If possible, then how does one do this?

If possible, then does it make sense to do it this way as opposed to using “pure” FileMaker calculation functions, etc.?


Thanks, in advance for your support.