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Help defining a Totaling script

Question asked by kjw282 on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by philmodjunk

I have a database that holds all my credit card receipts.  When I get a receipt, I enter it into a portal awaiting the statement.  Each receipt entered has a status of PENDING until paid.  I have three totals showing on my for Total Receipts Pending, Receipts to be paid and Grand total all receipts.  As I get a statement, I can check a box of which receipts will be paid.  These receipts are totaled and appear in the "receipts to be paid" total which I match to the statement I am paying.  The Pending total is lowered by the To be Paid amount and the grand total is still the same.  Once I pay a set of receipts, I export the information and the system sets the receipt status to "Paid".  All of the PAID receipts appear on a second tab in a portal that shows receipts that are "Paid".  The problem I have is that the total of RECEIPTS Pending includes the amount of receipts paid.  I want to show a Receipts Pending, Receipts Paid, Receipts pending payment once a check box is selected and a grand total.  Currently, the Pending Total is All Receipts minus Receipts with a check box checked.  The total of those two make up the grand total.  I want to show Receipts Paid as well, which should subtract from the Pending total once paid.  The Pending total will then become only receipts that are unpaid.  How do I set that up?