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Does Quad Cores & more RAM help speed in virtual setup

Question asked by dermot on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by dermot

Hi Folks,


We are currently running a 12gb database to approx 80 users who are mostly logging in over Citrix..


Its filemaker server 14 with most users on fm14 but a few still on fm12.... All works pretty well but sometimes users will get lag and we have to reboot .. not very often though ..  However, speed can always be better, so anything that would improve it is always where we want to go.


The server is dual core with 16mb RAM .... I want to upgrade this to Quad-Core and 32mb RAM but the IT server chap is reluctant to do this ... He says he thinks the server will actually run slower with 4 cores, due to the fact that they are in a virtual setup and have to be "found" first (as they can be used by other servers) ... I asked could these cores not be assigned to the filemaker server only ? ... Would this not resolve the issue ? .. and surely this would improve speed ?


also, he said moving from 16gb to 32gb wont help as they say that there nearly always seems to be under utilisation here anyway ...


Im NOT server person so any help with these 2 points will be much appreciated ?


BTW - we do NOT use webdirect and we will be moving to FM Server 16 soon and will also be using approx 5-10 iPads on filemaker go.


Many Thanks