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Help making a Summary Database

Question asked by dennis.a on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by dennis.a

I don't know if I have the terminology correct for the type of database I'm trying to make, but I assume it's a summary since that's what I'm trying to do...


I'm trying to build a summary database and I'm not sure how to make it work. Here's an example of the source database as it currently exists where each line is a record and each section of text is a field.


Day 01 - 2 min - Cam A01

Day 01 - 1 min - Cam A01

Day 01 - 4 min - Cam A02

Day 02 - 3 min - Cam A02

Day 02 - 2 min - Cam B01

Day 02 - 1 min - Cam B01

Day 02 - 3 min - Cam B01

Day 03 - 1 min - Cam A03

Day 03 - 3 min - Cam A03

Day 03 - 4 min - Cam B02


Using that data as a source, I want to create a second database with the following information where each line is a record. I need a second data base with each day as its own record as there's additional data that applies to the day as a whole, but doesn't make sense to list on every record in the first database.


Day 1 - 7 min Total - Cam A01, A02

Day 2 - 9 min Total - Cam A02, B01

Day 3 - 8 min Total - Cam A03, B02


As you can probably guess, the number of records for each day is variable, as is the amount of time and which cameras are used, so nothing can be assumed.


My thought is that I can use a search for "Day 01" and sum up the fields, I just can't figure out how. Also, I'm using a custom built plug-in to properly calculate the time, so that isn't a concern.