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Auto-enter calculation or manually enter/modify - in date field

Question asked by mark-it on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by dale_allyn

Dear all

I would like to get a date field with calculation in it, but that field should have also modified possibilities.

I have date filed 1 - standard, manual entry, and date field 2 which needs to have auto entry possibly or manual entry.


What I have made:

Date field nr 2, script trigger OnObjectExit, with:

[If (isEmpty (my date field 2),
set Filed (my date field 2), with calculation result (my date filed 1)


So if I enter on an empty filed, than exit, values form date field 1 are automatically copied to date field 2, if I want to I can modify values in date field 2 - so that's ok, both possibilities are available.


Problem is:

after the creation of a new record, I have to click in empty filed so calculation can start - which is obviously, as I made OnObjectExit.


How can I solve that ?? Any other ways to get the same results ??


Thanks in advance.