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Copying records from 1 table into another

Question asked by on May 14, 2018
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I have 2 unrelated tables where I am choosing the desired set from the first table and need to transfer it into the second table.  The first table only has contact information. The second table is a linking table with Contact Id and Project Id.


For all the contacts in the found set I need to copy/import/export/transfer to the linking table.  I created a global field in the contact table and am manually entering the desired project id into it, so now each record has a contactId and projectId.  I have all the Id's I need in the right place, I just can't figure out how to move them to the 2nd table.  We can have up to 500 contacts, so manually entering them is not an option.


Due to limitations, I have to work within a single database file.  I know the desired way would be to export the records to another database/excel file and reimport it into the desired table (which I do in other databases).  But this is a different case and I have been tasked to create a way to avoid any manual field mapping.  Each user will be making their own copy of the database, and moving it to different file locations, which won't allow for me to have a standardized path.


I am programming in Filemaker 12.