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FileMaker 17 and Admin Console API

Question asked by taylorsharpe on May 15, 2018
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FileMaker 16 brought us the Data API, and FileMaker 17 now gives us an Admin Console API to do many things in the FM Client that used to only be done via the web browser Admin Console.


We have created an FM 17 Admin Console solution for FileMaker Pro/Go that incorporates many of these features and it is an open solution being given to the community.  It primarily uses native "Insert from URL" functions, but it also makes use of the free BaseElements plugin from Goya for some special features.


Unfortunately for the FileMaker web version of the Admin Console, it no longer creates Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) for SSLs.  Our solution solves this problem and creates the CSRs for FileMaker Server on OS X.  The Windows Server CSR request is still in development, but hopefully coming soon.  This feature requires the BaseElements plugin on the FileMaker Server.


This is just a first brush with the Admin Console API and only some of the API features have been incorporated for now.  But feel free to play around with this and it can hopefully help you with this new Admin Console API features in FileMaker 17.


The following are a few screen shots of the solution of version 0.65.



You can download this template by going to, clicking on Contacts, and then clicking on Community. 


If you have improvements on this solution, please let us know about them so we can incorporate them!