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Windows Server Requirments

Question asked by Steven_FL on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by Steven_FL


I need a new Windows server for FMS 17. I'm aware of FM minimum requirements but I need more data to make a well educated purchase. Could you help me find the right configuration.

These are my requirements

  • I have 6-8 users all using FMP or FMPA
  • 1-3 users using web publishing
  • about 50 files
  • File sizes up to 100GB
  • 100 server side scripts running during the day
  • 5 server side scripts ruining at any time of the day


These are my Questions

  • Which Windows Server Version Windows 2012, 2012R 2016?
  • How much RAM?
  • Processor?
    • Which brand Intel, or?
    • Which generation?
    • Speed of processor?
    • How many cores per processor?
    • How much cache per processor?
    • Bus Speed?
    • How many sockets for processors on motherboard?


Thank you very much for the help.