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How to add drop down field

Question asked by blaise on May 15, 2018
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I am using FM Pro 16.

I already have a very nice drop down field that was made many years ago. It displays the values that have been entered into that field over the years. It looks like this.

drop down field.png

I want to make another field on the same layout to show colors. So I get into Edit Layout, Insert a new drop down field, set the table:field for it, then Exit and Save the layout. The new field shows "red" for that record (some records have red, some have blue) and an arrow to the right of the space, that when clicked, should list the values I have set in a Value List.


To set that up I went to Manage Database, selected the table:field and assigned the Value list "Colors" to it.

Set to Value List.png


When I get back to the layout, I expect the new field to show the Value List colors in the drop down to give the user the options of what color to enter into the field. But when I click on the arrow, nothing happens.


I right-click the mouse on the new field to check the Value List and it shows <No Value Lists Defined>.

No Value List.png


What am I doing wrong? I want the field to give the user either 1) the choices of the Value List, or 2) anything that has been entered (by hand) already in that field (for now just red and blue).


Usually FM is so intuitive you don't even need the User Manual (a complement). But this has me tearing my hair out.


Thanks for any suggestions.