FileMaker Server 16 Takes a VERY Long time to complete INSERT FROM URL Request

Discussion created by fmpdude on May 15, 2018
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FileMaker (and Server) version 16.


TSGalJ, other support staff:


I have a simple HTTPS Request that runs almost instantly from FMP when running outside of FMS. That FMP application sends an INSERT FROM URL to a REST service with file data that's both URL-and base64 encoded. (The test file in question is about 20 bytes (one line of text in a simple txt file).


But, when running that exact same FMP application from FMS, the Request takes minutes (not a second or two as when running FMP locally).  A similar Request (without the URLEncoding and other you see below) works fine, quickly even using FMS.


The basic call is this (which works perfectly when run outside of FMS):

"httpspost://<domain_name>:<secure_port_number>/endpoint/method/" &"?container_data=" & GetAsURLEncoded(Base64Encode ( acontainer::testcontainer ))


I realize this is just a simple URL, but FMP is sending it so there's something odd going on.


I recently re-installed FMS so is there some special configuration item or setting I need to check that could be causing this issue?   (FMS 16 has a valid SSL certificate installed)


A similar, nearly identical Request, works fine with FMS using FMP sharing -- if there's no UrlEncoding or Base64 methods.


There seems to be an issue sending GetAsUrlEncoded(Base64Encode)) data to the REST service via FMS.