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Filtering Portal Records to Omit Duplications

Question asked by tonyhavard on May 15, 2018
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I am currently using Filemaker 12 Pro and am a novice at best, however I am currently converting data that has been ordered on a lengthy listed of "requisitions" into a database in order to keep track but to also convert a manual process of ordering into an electronic version.


The problem that I have ran into is being able to properly show individual records that are connected to an individual or unique "requisition number" on the same form via a portal.  Currently, the records reflect individually on separate forms, however I need each record that is related to a specific "requisition number" to be grouped and if necessary resume on multiple forms without duplication.


Table occurrences are as follows:


ParentEquipmentBook::EntryID_2 = ChildEquipmentBook::EntryID_2 (whereas EntryID_2 is an Auto-enter Serial)

ChildEquipmentBook::RP_No = ChildEquipmentBook::RP_No


Portal Sort as follow:



Portal Filterer as follows:

ChildEquipmentBook::RP_No = GetNthRecord ( ChildEquipmentBook2::RP_No ; 1 )


Attached is a copy of the file and your help, questions, comments, and critique is greatly appreciated.