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Moving records from one portal to another

Question asked by snimmo on May 15, 2018
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I  come from a Visual Basic background and looking for a good way to do what was a common technique in VB. A list of potential records ( say contacts ) in a portal on the left side of the layout along side a portal of selected contacts that appear in the other portal. The idea would be to click on the record in the left portal to make it a member of the portal in the right portal. As an example we might be building a team from a potential list of contacts ( left side ) into the team of contacts ( right side ). Ideally, if you click a button next to the name on the left side it becomes a member of the team. The name would disappear from the left side and appear in the right side as a member of the team. If you click the name on the right side ( team list ) the name would disappear from the team and become available again. If you had a field for the team name above the two portals it could give the team a name and therefore be able to create multiple team in the same layout just by changing the name. If this isn't clear I can expand.


Thanks for your help.