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Progressive Compounding Result

Question asked by on May 15, 2018
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I am looking for advise to best calculate and return a total result value based on progressive step values.


The attached excel file shows the scenario.



Total Unit Sales

Min Units Required

Step Award Amount


Based on Total Unit Sales, an award amount is given.  Minimum required Unit Sales is 2

For achieving 2 Unit Sales the Award is 200


For each additional Unit Sale >2 the award on the unit is progressive by 100.  So the third unit achieves award of 300.  4th unit achieves award of 400 and so on.


What i need help on is returning the cumulative award value based on given total unit sales.  The green highlighted area in the attached excel file.  So based on Unit Sales of 4 units then the result would be:

Award for 2 unit sales of 200 + Award to 3 unit sales of 300 + Award for 4 unit sales of 400 =900


Perhaps a custom function?


Thanks !