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FM17 (win7) becomes unresponsive / screen not refreshing when entering layout mode

Question asked by DylanL. on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by DylanL.

Product and version: (FM

OS and version: Windows 7 pro

Hardware: 16GB ram, SSD drive



I am having huge performance problems with FM17. As soon as I enter layout mode, the screen does no seem to refresh and ultimately filemaker becomes completely unresponsive, up to the point where I have to kill it through task manager. I attached a short vid to show what happens when i switch to Layout mode


It happens with both local and server hosted apps,  these apps behave absolutely fine in FM16 but are completely unworkable in FM17.


See attached vid.


-edit: to add, i am working with multiple screens (primary laptop and 2 monitors), but i can reproduce the issue when disconnecting the secondary screens and pefforming a reboot (to be sure there's only a primary screen)


-edit2: i am unable to reproduce the issue on a co-worker's desktop pc, so it seems to be a graphical issue on my notebook (Lenovo L540). I have already updated the video drivers, to no avail.