How to connect to FMP Database on AWS?

Discussion created by fmpdude on May 16, 2018
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I just set up an AWS EC2 instance and loaded FMS 17. So far so good.


I added the 5003 and other ports to the local security group (creating inbound rules for other ports like Tomcat, 8080, 9443). I also created custom inbound rules in the Windows firewall for port 8080, but nothing else yet for FMS in Windows firewall.


So, if I want to start FMP locally and run an FMP application in FMS on AWS, would I also need to configure 5003 and 2399 (JDBC) in Windows firewall as custom inbound "allow" rules?


I do have an elastic IP already.


I didn't open 16000/16001 to anything other than the local security group for now as I don't need to remotely configure FMS.


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