Master Detail=Love

Discussion created by MichaelManousos on May 16, 2018
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I am using Master Detail layouts since I started developing in Filemaker 7 (many years) and I had various techniques to filter and sort with relationships at the begining then filtering etc.

Also I never liked List View and I limited the use of it as I always prefered portals for my UX. Of course as you all know portals had always the speed problem especially in wan environment. So with Filemaker 16 and the great feature of card window I abandoned a bit the portal for Picker Window and I replaced them with List view in a card window.

But now with the new master detail we have lets say list view in a form view layout meaning that it is very fast to find to and to sort. And of course you can use the "Master" part for a card window picker.

I really realy love it.


And here is an example:

I have a list of seamen and in the left I have a showall relationship with the ranks. I have attached a script to perform find the rank that I want. automatically my second portal shows all with the chosen rank (2nd Mate) (i am showing the UUID instead of the names for obvious GDPR reasons) this portal is the new Master Detail. I then use the summary list of IDS to collect the chosen IDs and a calculation field in order to use the summary field in a self relationship with the table crew and so i have two more portals that I can filter! the first I filter the OnBoard and the seconf with the AtShore seaman.

Of course we could do that before 17 BUT I did it in 5 minutes total and it is pretty fast in WAN