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Saving a PDF as a .jpg in a container.

Question asked by SteveMartino on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by monkeybreadsoftware

Hello forum.  I know I can create a pdf from a record.  But can I then take that pdf and save it as a .jpg (image) in a container?

Here's what I'm up to.

Part of my database is for customer interactions.  I have a layout where I can write a message (in this case a letter).  Then I can send that letter to 1 or many customers.  After I write the letter, I pick a letter template.

Rather than just use words, I would like to show a sample picture of each template.  Then the user can pick a template, and it will build the letters (one for each customer).  From there I can customize each letter before I print.


So I am able to take a letter (one from each template) save as pdf and insert into the container.  The reason why I don't like it is with the container, the pdf controls pop up when your mouse moves over it.  And despite having all the correct options checked, the formatting bar and side panel show up in the pdf also.  I figured an image would be better.


I searched and found a few things on the forums for example adding this line after Save Records as PDF script step:

Set Variable [$path; Value: "image:" & $path] but when I try to Insert PDF [$path], I get the error message that the file is not found.

This is really a one time set up for myself (only user)

Insert Picture also did not work.  I also tried changing in the inspector the data formatting for containers.

Attached are script and screenshot.

Any thoughts, ideas, etc are always appreciated.