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Container External Storage Filename and Base Directories

Question asked by WF7A on May 16, 2018
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This is a two-part container question; we use FileMaker Pro Server 16 (Windows)


Because of I.T. mandate, filenames on the server are required to be lower-case and have no spaces so I have an auto-enter > calculation formula for a container field (Container__lxr ) when a user uploads a file into it using the Insert File script step; it adds the key field ID, forces a lower-case filename, and substitutes all word spaces with an underscore character:


Base64Decode ( Base64Encode ( Container__lxr ) ; _kpln_ChecklistDataID & "_" & Lower ( Substitute ( GetContainerAttribute ( Container__lxr ; "filename" ) ; " " ; "_" ) ) )


...and it's set to store externally--which it does--but in the designated directory it stores the file as three, separate files and file types: .pdf, .jpg, and .png. What do I need to tweak so only the uploaded .pdf file gets stored/created and not .jpg and .png?


Second question:


When the container's contents are stored, a parent folder is created with the container field's table name--which is fine--but it also creates a child folder of the same table name; inside the child folder/directory go the externally-stored files. (In the container field's Options > Storage tab, the "Open storage" radio button is chosen with no value inserted in the field to its right. )


I read FileMaker's In-Depth Container Fields - FM14 .pdf and admittedly got the deer-in-the-headlights-look reading (and re-reading) the section on base tables--which I imagine is the heart of the matter-- but for the life of me I can't grok it. : |


Thank you in advance for your help!