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comprehension question to saving fotos with filemaker go 15

Question asked by yamu on May 16, 2018


I use Filemaker Go 15 with my Filemaker App on an iPad Pro 12". Part of the App is taking fotos with the camera, save them and add comments. Sometimes I take lots of fotos, then sitting down an write the comments. 

It has already happened a few times that during the comment input the system freezes and I have to remove the app from memory and restart it. When I open the app again, all photos are gone. My question: I save explicitly after each "Insert from device" with "comit record / request ..." to the Filemaker file.

For me it seems, if all photos were still in the main memory, and therefore apparently lost. If the photos were already written to the file, then they should not be gone? How can I prevent such a scenario?


Thanks, Hans