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Rounding Issue

Question asked by carmenfisher on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by philmodjunk

I'm having a rounding issue that has me stumped. (At least, I think it's rounding issue.)


I have a wage calculation that looks like this:

Round ( (Pay Rate * (reg hours total + HP hours total + VP hours total)); 2) +

  (Round ( 1.5*Pay Rate ; 2 )*OT hours total) +

  Round ( Total Bonus ; 2 ) +

  Round ( Other Bonus ; 2 )


The Pay Rate is $15.50 and I've checked that field to make sure there aren't any extra digits hanging off the end.

This employee has no bonuses, no OT, no HP hours and no VP hours.

With all those things at zero, the calculation should resolve to Round (Pay Rate * (reg hours total); 2).


Reg hour total = 71. I've looked at this field and all the fields that get added up to get to it, and none of them have any digits past two places.


In our payroll program, the total wage is calculated as $1100.50 (15.50 * 71), which is what I get on a calculator. However, in my FileMaker wage checking layout, the answer is coming up as $1100.51. I can't figure out where that penny is coming from. When I reverse the arithmetic, $1100.51/15.50 = 71.0006…, so you'd have to go clear out to the 4th decimal place on the hours to get just a penny added. I don't think the problem can be with the wage rate because it's okay on other pay periods -- but again, it comes out to $15.5001 so it's clear out to the 4th decimal again if you divide $1100.51/71.


FileMaker prepares the data for the payroll program and we import the hours. The purpose of the checking layout is to make sure things like bonuses, which get entered by hand, are done correctly.


Any suggestions will be appreciated.