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How to refresh contents of a layout after adding a record in another window (card)?

Question asked by juandent on May 16, 2018
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I have a layout with 2 portals and a button that opens a card where a new record of an associated table is created. However, if my focus is inside any portal or inside any field that can receive focus, and I press the button, the other window is displayed (as a card) and a new record is added. Then that card is closed and we return to the first layout. However the new record does not appear in the corresponding portal and the sum of the main layout is not updated to account for the new record's cost.

I tried capturing OnObjectEnter in the portal to no avail, also tried OnLayoutEnter in the first layout to no avail either. The only way I can get the behavior is if I jump to next record and back - then the new record is taken into account both in the portal and in the sum field.


I need a way to detect when the card is closed so the layout can refresh with RefreshWindow (I think??)


Very much appreciate any help on this issue. I am trying new things in FM Pro Adv 17 which looks fabulous!


Juan Dent